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Gadda Baits - A Pikers Bait

Gadda Baits provides top quality Pike Bait and took its name from the Swedish translation of PIKE (gädda). At Gadda we pride ourself on excellent customer service and promise our customers fresh quality bait with each and every order.

Ready made wire traces ( VMC faultless )

Ready made titanium dead bait trace. If you are frustrated of traces kinking or failing after a few fish then look no further! Made from the finest materials.


High quality ready made wire traces ( hand made ) using the finest materials. 

  • Approximately 24”
High quality hand made traces using the finest materials including:
  • AFW 1x7 surfstrand
  • AFW swivel (75lb bs)
  • Strong VMC treble hooks
  • Finished with glue lined shrink tubing.
All are available in various breaking strains, treble hooks & colours. All Gädda ready made traces are made to suit bait sizes. Size 2 trebles have a 5” gap between hooks, size 4 has a 4” gap & size 6 have a 3” gap. Traces can be made on request.

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Price: £4.25

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