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Gadda Baits provides top quality Pike Bait and took its name from the Swedish translation of PIKE (gädda). At Gadda we pride ourself on excellent customer service and promise our customers fresh quality bait with each and every order.


A Pikers Bait – All baits are within specification stated and any baits that have small defects are packed up as extras for our customers.


Lamprey have become a must for most pike anglers over the years due to the copious amount of blood that seeps out them.

** Unfortunately there's been a fair price increase on buying lamprey in this season. Apologies as this is something completely out of my control **

LAMPREY Lampetra fluviatilis - they can be halved or fished whole. Gadda lamprey are said to be one of the best baits on the market. Top pike anglers in the UK have reported them to be irresistible.

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