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Gadda Baits provides top quality Pike Bait and took its name from the Swedish translation of PIKE (gädda). At Gadda we pride ourself on excellent customer service and promise our customers fresh quality bait with each and every order.

Titanium Traces Single


Ready made titanium dead bait trace. Gadda baits titanium traces are made from the highest quality materials. This includes AFW surfstrand titanium 1x7 wire, 3  mighty mini swivels (180lb test), 2 magnesium alloy oval power split rings (70lb test), all double crimped and finished with glue lined 3 to 1 shrink tubing. All that's needed is 2 trebles of your choice (not included) and you're ready to fish! These hand made traces (highly unlikely to kink) will far outlast the life of the hooks which can be easily changed in seconds. If looked after properly, anglers can catch scores of pike on each trace!


all titanium traces are 22 inches in length and have a gap of around 4 inches between trebles.


Traces and be made to order for larger/smaller baits or to suits specific needs.

If you are frustrated of traces kinking or failing after a few fish then look no further!These titanium traces are made from the finest materials.

  • AFW 7 strand surfstrand titanium wire (30lb & 50lb)
  • AFW might-mini crane swivels (180lb test)
  • Power oval split rings (70lb test)
  • Glue lined shrinktubing (red or black)
  • and all traces are double crimped!
The life of the titanium will outlast the life of the hooks, hence the use of the split rings. The shrink tubing can even be replaced when it get a little dated. Having used this material for dead baiting for years now I can say with complete confidence that it won’t let you down! Come in lengths of 10"

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