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Gadda Baits provides top quality Pike Bait and took its name from the Swedish translation of PIKE (gädda). At Gadda we pride ourself on excellent customer service and promise our customers fresh quality bait with each and every order.

AFW titanium surfstrand 1×7


Titanium Surfstrand is an uncoated, 1x7 super-elastic leader wire that stretches to absorb the strike of a fish - then snaps back and recovers during the hook-set! This wire is made with a special blend of Titanium alloy wire and engineered to deliver tremendous strength along with dramatic kink resistance. Fish with confidence knowing this is among the highest quality leader wire available. Use Titanium Surfstrand for the best bite protection, flexibility, and unmatched kink resistance! Made in USA by AFW.

AFW titanium surfstrand 1x7: available in: 30lb (recommended crimp size #2) 50lb (recommended crimp size #3) 75lb (recommended crimp size #4) 100lb (recommended crimp size #4)
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